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As many have noticed, the Explorer of the newly released version of Windows Vista OS doesn't have the accustomed button for upward movement. As an alternative, the developers of the software offer the key shortcut that was implemented yet in the previous version. They also offer the user to click the folder in the upper row that is always located in different places of the path bar.

Just like many others, we had a distinct feeling something really necessary was missing. As a result, we developed this simple feature that is now available to you!

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System Requirements:
Software: Microsoft Windows Vista
Hardware: Unlimited
An accustomed convenience. Easy to install and remove. Weight less than 30 kb of RAM. No changes to the Explorer's code. Take It Back: Mavis Up Button
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People say
Steve, Portfolio Manager, California


Portfolio Manager, California
When I found the accustomed feature in the upper left of the screen was missing, I had a feeling I was taken something valuable away from me.
Amanda, Advertising Manager, USA


Advertising Manager, USA
At last, the interface of the Explorer has the accustomed look and feel.
Isabel, Student, Australia


Student, Australia
Any file manager has an up button and it was really odd not to find it in the new Explorer.

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