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January, 10, 2008

The innovative software development vendor Mavis Applications announced today that it released its Mavis Up product, being a user-friendly and nice-looking substitute for the up button, missing from the latest version of Micosoft's Windows operational system, Windows Vista.

The Mavis Up button from Mavis Applications will allow the user to return to the accustomed and easiest possible way of navigation, while avoiding the incongruous and unwieldy alternatives, provided by the developers of the latest and most advanced version of the famous software. The latter include such obvious inconveniences, as using both hands to press a key combination on the key board or finding your latest and ever changing position when you want to move up the Path Line in your Windows Vista browser.

The newly developed navigation element is designed after the other buttons and has a much better look and feel than the file with an arrow image that appeared in the previous versions of Microsoft Windows. The color of the button is green, being one of the main colors of the operational system's color spectrum.

The Mavis Up button is an ultra-light program that takes up as little as 30 kb of RAM.

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